Monday, August 17, 2015

Let There Be Light!

The next step in the electrical was to add the light fixture above the dining room table. But first, it needed to be connected to something. Back when Nate and Gary worked on the majority of the electrical in the main room, they discovered that there was a line that went to the top of the basement steps, to an empty box. They used this to install a new switch for the fixture. We're not entirely sure where that switch wants to live for good. but right now it's in the doorway to the basement.

The original line and box, with the new
line for the light coming out of the top.

Not documented was an additional connection that needed to be made to splice this into the line in the basement.
Now, onto the pictures of the ceiling fixture installation!

More holes had to be drilled for the line, and a junction box
had to be placed to make the connection (and support the light).

We found the fixture on Etsy. It came to us all the way from Paris! I'd had my eye on it for some time, but since we weren't in a rush to mess with the electrical, I stalled on buying it. However, sometime last year, I noticed that it was on sale. Half Off! So, I snapped that baby up! It's been waiting patiently to be connected ever since! Thanks to Etsy seller LunaPurPurie

Attempting to connect the fixture's wires to our new wire.

Gary is not very good at using the camera on Nate's phone...

The room is spinning!

There wasn't a lot of wire to work with,
so it took longer than anticipated.

Completed hanging, and a test bulb to make sure it works.

Light switch plate added.

Nate had to go out and find the half chrome bulbs that are necessary for this fixture. So, here they are, installed, and below, with the fixture turned on!

Isn't she lovely?

We still need to clean the light fixture. Also, we're planning to install a cloud above the dining table, so the fixture will eventually hang closer to the table height than it is currently. We're also going to change to a dimmer switch for this fixture in the future. Stay tuned!

I leave you with a picture of Stella sitting on the wall. Best hallway puppy ever. 

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