Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I may be getting ahead of myself...

But, today I looked online for a rug for the living room area...

We still have way too much to do in that space to worry about a rug, but it's just so fun to look!

Things left to do:
- Hardwire in the ceiling fan
- Add an outlet on the front wall
- Furr out the front wall to line up with joist above (so we can add the outlet and clean up the look a bit)
- Add a switch for the fan and possibly the new outlet on the front wall, ganged with existing switches
- finish skim coating, mudding, taping, walls
- paint walls
- Choose baseboard and trim
- New front door and new storm door
- Clean up the exposed brick
- Add steel angle to transition between plaster and brick

I believe once all of those items are taken care of, then maybe we can worry about an area rug!

But since I've already started looking, what do you guys think about these rugs?

Just for reference, here's what our furniture looks like in the room:

Old pic...

Sorry for all the bubble wrap!

And here are all the colors we've got going on in the swag lights and other things.

Ok, so seriously now, how about these rugs? 

(presented in no particular order)














  1. Least favorites: 5 and 6
    Most favorites: 11, 12 and 7.
    ...I think.

  2. 12 is the best neutral option. also- cute!

  3. I think I like 1, 2,, 3, 7, 9, and 10 the best. The walls will be a cool light gray, pretty neutral. The furniture is pretty bold, so maybe the rug should also be somewhat neutral, but I think it could be bold too. We will have other items that are that turquoise, but no furniture in that room, so that's why I'm drawn to the turquoise rugs.

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  5. I like, in order: 2, 9, and 7. They tie in the colors you seem to be working with and are visually interesting without being overwhelming.