Sunday, August 2, 2015

Adventures in Composting

We finally got around to making a sifter for our composter! It took us two separate days to make it , weeks apart, but we ended up with 6 gallon bags full of compost!

First, we needed to make the sifter. We made it based on this design:

First Day - July 13, 2015

We didn't feel like going out and buying wood though, so we used a leftover pallet. That ended up not being the best choice for many reasons, but we made it work! Here's some pictures of Nate taking apart the pallet.

Morticia is VERY helpful!

Then, we needed to cut one of the long pieces in half to use for the ends. We initially just wanted to make a 2x3 sifter, but decided that it would be too much work to cut down each piece. So, we made the sifter the length of the pallet x half the length of the pallet (or about 2x4). The saw we used wasn't exactly what we wanted for the job, but it eventually got it done.  

The wood is really dense, which made screwing the pieces together very difficult. We were losing daylight, so we stopped for the evening without anything put together. We decided that drilling the holes first would have to wait until another day. 

Finishing the sifter! - August 2, 2015

In this process, we killed a battery for the drill, broke a drill bit off in the wood, and managed to make the frame not quite square... So, Nate took a break to go to the pet store and get dog food and dog treats while the battery for the drill charged.  

These pups are so cute!

Frame is ready for the wire mesh! Luckily, our neighbor let us borrow his staple gun!

Now, we're ready to dump the compost out of the bin and into the sifter! 

Nate getting his hands dirty. Like, really dirty! 

There ended up being WAY more than I thought there would!
Yay Compost! It's cool to think about how much stuff we diverted from a landfill just by having a small backyard composter! This is 6 gallon bags full of compost, so imagine how much stuff it was before it broke down! Also of note, this is the amount of compost that came out of just half of the composter! The other side is FULL of newer stuff waiting to become compost!

Also, we should mention that Nate's cousin Cori and her husband Tom got us this composter for our wedding present! Thanks so much you two!!
Yours in Compost,
Kacey and Nate

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