Friday, June 21, 2013

When Gary comes to town, work gets done!

Saturday Night

First step: patch holes in plaster that we made back in October when we were searching for brick and found cinderblock instead!

While checking the storage area under our porch, we found a larger planter and a work table!

Next steps: Clean up the table!

Then, start mudding the wall!


Fix the Fein tool that Stella chewed the plug off of a while back!


hang the large couch from the ceiling to get it out of the way!

more mud! Trying to even out the wall here.


Start demo on the wall between the living room and kitchen!

Turns out it's a wet wall!

But I sure do love copper pipe!

They worked really hard to get that arch to look good. It's crazy that when they renovated last, they covered it with that horrible trim that was basically just broken into pieces to fit around it...

Woo hoo! so much better already!

Two for the price of one!
That's right, that's a ceiling above my ceiling in the kitchen!


Time to even up the plaster at the brick. 
Gary and Nate snapped a chalk line, and then saw cut it to make it have a pretty edge.

Cutting through the metal lathe below the joists to finally remove the rest of the plaster from over the brick!


What a mess!

More mud, getting smoother!

the pups are super helpful!

cleaning up!

so pretty!

starting demo on the new door to the basement!
getting it out of the kitchen, so I can get that corner back and actually use it for more than a door swing!

below the stairs, above the new door

removing the plaster from the alley wall, and brick chimney.

more shots of the brick at the joists

Meow says, "MEOW!"

Thursday Morning

pack up a friend's truck to take 1 of 3 loads of trash to the dump! (2 loads happened on Thursday, but it was quite an ordeal! I'll actually let Nate tell that store!)

Nate and Gary's Adventures in Construction Debris Hauling!

We picked up the truck around 8:30 in the morning and started filling it up. I had to get to work by about 11:30, so we were eager to get in at least two hauls. We loaded up the truck with half of the contractor bags (filled with plaster) and then the rest with wood lathe and the piece of paneling on top to hold it all down. About 1100 lbs worth of trash to be hauled out to the citizen drop off center. There's only one for the city, and it's not really that close to the city. Our first trip out there we heard on the radio about an accident on 95, so we took Route 2, but we hit every light and it took us a good half an hour to get there. Still, we were in good spirits, drove up, got waived on in and emptied the truck. We turned around and made it back to home by about 10 (taking a faster route this time), ready to start another load.

Same as before: the rest of the bags of plaster and a bunch of wood lathe covered and tied down with a large piece of wood paneling (had a couple soggy pieces of drywall as well). Leave about 10:30 and head to the landfill. When we arrive at the gate there's nobody there at first, and then a guy drives up in a backhoe and asks us if we have construction materials in there. We say yes and then he tries to tell us we're supposed to go to the main landfill, not the citizen drop off. We try to assure him that we were just there earlier and we went to the citizen drop off, and he is convinced that whoever let us in there had it wrong and we weren't supposed to do that there so we had to go the other way.

So we turn around and head through to the weigh station where we are stopped. The woman weighs our truck and asks us for our permit. I tell her that we are just citizens and she says we have to have a small haulers permit in order to get by, which is $35. I ask her how to get a permit and she tells us the permit office, on Fayette Street... downtown. That would be another ten minutes past our house. She isn't budging, so we have no choice but to turn around and go home, where I head to walk some dogs.

After the dog walks I start to do some research. According to the city's Policies and Regulations I was 100% right and should have been allowed to dump my trash. Just to be sure, I called the Permit Office, and they said I should have been able to drop off the trash, but they've been hearing more people get rejected recently and have been just selling them permits when that happens. Of course, it was 2:50 PM and the permit office closes at 3 and isn't open on Fridays, so we had no chance to get a permit until Monday if that was our required course of action.

So, armed with the feeling of righteousness (and a little desperation) we took a second attempt at the landfill. I drove up and saw the same guy. He asked "What [I was] bringing this time" and I told him it was the same stuff but that I knew I was allowed two trips per day and that I am not a contractor. He immediately realized I was ready for an argument and cut me off by telling me that the he knew I wasn't a contractor, but that the construction materials were too heavy for the dumpsters in the citizen drop off center. He sent me to the other entrance because they can handle heavier loads and that the woman shouldn't have demanded a permit. I was apparently supposed to come and get him and have him clear it up with her. Oops. Misunderstanding cleared up, we apologized and he let us into the citizen drop off and we dumped our second truck load into the dump. Since we now knew we were only allowed two loads per day (it was late any way) we called it a day and did the last load on Friday. And now all of our old trash is gone and we have reclaimed our side alley space!

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