Saturday, June 22, 2013

Weekend Renovations


more mud on the wall, trying to even it out

fixing the crack in the wall

removed the ugly piece of wood over the joist in the stairs

cut through to the other side of the new entrance to the basement! (blocking it off with the gyp. board so the pups don't try to go down the stairs this way!)


wood lathe as blockade!

widened the opening between the living room and kitchen

propped up the electrical for the downstairs

the brick arch above the windows!


filling in holes!

Stella Bear at the top of the stairs

tongue out!

Removing the radiators so we came skim coat behind them.

hard to turn

using the sledge hammer to turn it

leg power!

the sketch on the bottom of the carpet??

lift with your legs! 

Nate dumping out the plaster stuck in the shop vac hose

detached radiator, and our beautiful floors!

the other radiator, detached and moved. 

starting to skim coat. 

removing the too long wood lathe from above the stairs

ring shot! :P
Bride-to-be with manicured nails and a Fein tool. :) 

new header, checking if it's level.

Stella's new collar! (Since we just realized her old one was WAY too small!)

taking a food/beer/wine break, and then we'll get back to hanging drywall on the wall under the stairs.

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