Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Weekend!

Nate's dad came to town the Friday before Father's Day so we could all go to the Orioles and Red Sox game on Sunday. That first night we went to the Food Truck Rally at the Museum of Industry. We brought the pups, ate some fancy grilled cheese sandwiches and hung out with friends by the water. Also, we got to see the brick we'd ordered set in place on the terrace where our ceremony will be held! Super exciting!

It was really nice out on Saturday, so we decided to hold off on working on the house for a few hours. We set up the kiddie pool Nate had just purchased, and let the dogs have a little fun! 

 More pictures are on facebook!

Later, we made a list and went shopping at Home Depot! We got a lot of stuff, including the cutest little cactus! He says, "hello!"

One of the things we got at Home Depot was a new shower head! We haven't been using our upstairs shower now, for quite a while! At some point a few months ago, the hose on the old shower head split, while Nate was in the shower! "That's an easy fix!" you say. "Why have you waited so long to replace it?!" you ask. Well, it's complicated. We could have easily fixed the house, and still been stuck with the crappy, too low shower head that came with the house, but we wanted to do it all at the same time. "Also an easy fix!" you exclaim! Ha! You'd think so! But see, our shower was never meant to be used as a shower, only a bath, so the water is placed at a stupid low height! Most shower heads are designed with the water at the height you'd want to mount the shower head, but ours is at chest height, so none of those would work! 

Finally though, we came up with a solution. We bought a handheld shower head and a separate stick on holder. There were a few snafus though, with the length of the existing pipe, and the new pieces, so a short trip to Ace Hardware was needed, but not too long after, we had a working shower upstairs again!

After the long day, we had dinner at our favorite place, Baba's Kitchen, and  it was delicious! (as always!) After dinner, Nate had planned a scientific experiment for Morticia! She hasn't been very excited about her food for some time now. At first, it seemed like it only happened after an outdoor event where she'd get some people food she wasn't supposed to! But then it started happening more frequently, and she was really only eating it because she was hungry (and because she knew if she didn't that Stella would gladly eat it all!) So, back to the experiment! Nate bought four sample packs of different dog foods and poured them each into an identical bowl, and also poured the same amount of the normal food into another bowl.

After we had the bowls set up, we let Morticia in to see which she would choose! She carefully tried a little bit of each bowl (except for the one she clearly recognized and immediately ignored). Not long into the trial, she had a clear favorite! Here's a bit of the video I took.

Then we decided to see what Stella would do, so we put Tish outside and brought Stella in. Just as we expected, she went down the line eating each one until we took it away. What a piggy! :)

So of course the food that Morticia picked is the most expensive! 70% more expensive!  In the meantime, we're mixing it with the old stuff to go through it all, and she definitely still picks around it some! What a brat!

Edited to add Nate's facebook post about the experiment:

"Today I am a proud father. Tish has not been a huge fan of her food at times. This usually is most pronounced after she's been around a cookout or some other source. I decided to buy sampler packages of several different brands/flavors. We laid them all out in labeled dishes and brought her in to taste test them.

The reason I am proud is that she properly tested every bowl for a couple of bites (well, except for her standard... the control group... because she recognized that right away). She finally decided on a favorite (Taste of the Wild: Roasted Fowl), but I'm just happy she sampled every one first.

Stella came in and started eating from the first one she saw, we removed it, she ate from the next one, and so on down the line even eating her regular dog food. She is not picky.

Tish is a proper scientist."

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