Saturday, April 27, 2013

Swingin' Sounds

I forgot to post about the AMAZING band that we hired for the wedding!! They're the first band I talked to, and they're local. We were in talks with two other bands that also were really great, but decided to go with The Swingin' Swamis! They're a six piece band, with keyboard, electric bass, drums, tenor sax, guitar and female vocalist. The five piece version (sans female vocalist) played in Fells Point on my birthday, so we went to see them. They're so great! Here's a picture from that night of Nate and I.

They have a lot of variety to offer. Here's their video sampler. Super classy!

They have been so great to work with so far! We are super excited!! 
Also, look at how incredibly adorable their female lead singer is!

So many exclamation points!!


  1. I've heard that they're really good. Yay! Everything is just falling into place for you