Saturday, April 20, 2013


We've decided to try our hands at growing things, specifically peppers. We stopped by the local Ace Hardware and picked up a sweet pepper and a jalapeno pepper plant, as well as rosemary. Also, I had a small Holly plant at work that is long over due for a re-potting, so I brought him home as well. We'll see how this goes! Here's some pictures of the process!

Potting the Peppers

Trying to save the poor Holly plant



Everything is potted!!


  1. The two peppers may cross-pollinate, making your sweet peppers not so sweet. Just a warning, this happened to us last year. :-)

  2. Good to know! :) We have to go back to get another pot anyway, since we forgot about an onion we were going to plant, perhaps, we'll get two more pots, and 1 more sweet pepper! :)