Saturday, April 27, 2013

Swingin' Sounds

I forgot to post about the AMAZING band that we hired for the wedding!! They're the first band I talked to, and they're local. We were in talks with two other bands that also were really great, but decided to go with The Swingin' Swamis! They're a six piece band, with keyboard, electric bass, drums, tenor sax, guitar and female vocalist. The five piece version (sans female vocalist) played in Fells Point on my birthday, so we went to see them. They're so great! Here's a picture from that night of Nate and I.

They have a lot of variety to offer. Here's their video sampler. Super classy!

They have been so great to work with so far! We are super excited!! 
Also, look at how incredibly adorable their female lead singer is!

So many exclamation points!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013


We've decided to try our hands at growing things, specifically peppers. We stopped by the local Ace Hardware and picked up a sweet pepper and a jalapeno pepper plant, as well as rosemary. Also, I had a small Holly plant at work that is long over due for a re-potting, so I brought him home as well. We'll see how this goes! Here's some pictures of the process!

Potting the Peppers

Trying to save the poor Holly plant



Everything is potted!!

Charm City Roller Girls All Stars - Updated Charter!

Holly Gohardly - Captain
I.M. Pain - Captain
BellaTrips La Smashya
Colleen Best
Feral Kat
Free Radical
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Loretta Scars
Mary Busch
Nuckin' Futz
Susy Pow
Uvetta Work

Bench Staff:
Mr. Pistol
Blind Banshee

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Parking Pad!

So, we've always planned to turn the back area into a parking pad, it just wasn't taking first priority because of the front room (which we haven't really worked on in quite some time). But the house 3 doors down just sold, and the new owner is planning to turn his back area into a parking pad soon.

-- interesting fact: that house was owned by the daughter of the owner of our house, and the two houses, prior to demolition, look very very similar on the interior. --

Ok, so our new neighbor is planning to put in a parking pad, so we contact the same guy to get a quote. He'll give us each a 10% discount if we do them at the same time. The problem with this is that I have this big elaborate plan on how to turn it into a parking pad, but also be able to still have the pups outside with a fenced in area. Plus, I'd like to decrease the impervious surface area back there. My ideal would be a nice green lawn (lawn being used loosely here, since we're talking about an area under 300 square feet). There is even a product that would hold up to being parked on, but I doubt we can afford it. It looks like this:
Here's the link: Invisible Structures

The other idea I have is permeable pavers, to allow something to grow through. Kinda like this:

So, we got a quote for a "medium priced" paver to replace the existing concrete in the back. The quote includes all the work involved, but I couldn't tell on the phone (yea, they left me the quote on my voice mail) if it includes the cost of the paver itself as well. Either way, the quote is for $4500. For under 300sf. So, Nate and I are now thinking we can do this ourselves. Anyone done anything like this themselves? Was it worth it? Should we just pay the man?

Another thing we're thinking of too, is gravel, specifically Gravel-Lok. Here's some of the options with that company:


Thoughts? We welcome comments!!
(And please let us know if you'd like to volunteer to help!)