Monday, January 14, 2013

New York, New York!

Girl's weekend in New York City! 

Wedding dress shopping! Mamma Mia on Broadway! And of course a stop in at Five Stride Skate Shop!

My Aunt Gwen took me and Tammy (aka Tamurai Sword) to NYC for a weekend of weddings dresses, musicals, and skates! We drove up on Friday night. I don't think I realized NYC was actually as close as it is! Haha. We arrived in Times Square, and there were people EVERYWHERE! It was a little stressful actually! The hotel we stayed at was super swanky and right in the middle of it all! We even got the VIP treatment with a room upgrade! Super awesome!

Here's our view!

The next day, we had a couple of appointments to try on dresses. The first (and pretty much the reason we went to NYC) was at Dolly Couture. Here's their website: They had so many absolutely adorable tea length dresses! It was super fun! If we didn't go anywhere else that day, I would've been pretty happy with what I had to choose from.

Afterwards, we walked to the Macy's and looked at shoes. This shoe department was overwhelming even for me! Next, we dropped into the Bridal shop they have there. I tried on some gorgeous long dresses. The first one was very pretty. Nice vintage style, and very flattering, but it was just SO MUCH DRESS! I tried a few more on, very lovely, just not what I was looking for. Then the saleswoman asked if she could pick one for me. It was stunning! it was a fit and flare style, with a lacy top and keyhole back. Absolutely gorgeous! Had I not wanted to swing dance at  my wedding, it would have been quite the contender. But it still was quite a lot of dress. And the fact that it was tight around my legs made it somewhat uncomfortable to sit in, let alone dance in! But it is most likely the most flattering things I've ever put on! I would have just had to stand around all evening, and let everyone come to me! Haha!

Then we walked around a bit and ended up at Bryant Park. We stopped and had coffees and watched the ice skaters.

Next, we got lunch at the Shake Shack! There was quite a long line, but man was it worth it!

Short naps then happened out of necessity! Then we were off to the red steps for discount Broadway tickets! We arrived about 45 minutes before the windows opened, and were in line for about 30 minutes after they opened. Three tickets to Mamma Mia for that evening! So exciting!

Then we cabbed it over the Fancy Bridal for our only other appointment of the day. Gwen was super excited about this one since she had talked to Gregory on the phone, and he sounded super fabulous! (He's who gave us tips on the red steps and the Broadway tickets!) So, we arrive at Fancy and he has a ton of adorable 20s, 50s styles dresses pulled for me to try on! So cute! We got it narrowed down to two that I loved. One was strapless which we would add a halter to. I have a thing about strapless gowns. I do like them, and do think they actually look good on me, but I don't want any pictures of me on my wedding day in a strapless dress that end up cutting off the dress so that you look like you're not wearing anything!)

Like this:

So, yea, we would be adding at least a halter strap to that dress. The other dress I was most excited about. Not the way it looked currently, but what we were going to change to the top of the dress. From the empire waist down, this dress was super flattering! Absolutely what I had imagined and more! But the top wasn't quite right. But that didn't matter, Gregory could alter it to be whatever I want! So, that's what we're doing!

We love Gregory and Fancy Bridal!

Then it was time for dinner and Mamma Mia! Neither disappointed! Dinner and drinks were excellent and the show was so spectacular! 

The next day, we went to the Highline, which I hadn't ever seen! Though it was winter, it was still amazing. I would have loved to have walked up and down the whole thing, but we just didn't have time. Nate and I will definitely have to go back! Here's a few pictures:

Then, it was on to Brooklyn and Five Stride as we headed home. We hung out with Bonnie, OMG, their frenchie Freddie, and even Gypsy was there! I got some new elbow pads and some outdoor wheels for Nate. OMG and I talked a bit about our upcoming trip to Helsinki, which was exciting! Then Carnage Asada even stopped in! Small world! I could have hung out even longer, but we had to get on the road home! I would call it quite the successful weekend! But boy was I glad to see Nate and the kids when I got back  home! Sure do miss all my fuzzy faces when I'm away! :)

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