Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Taking out the Trash

Monday, December 3: Trash Day!

Yay! All the wood lathe and bags of plaster are leaving my house today! We had the use of a truck, so Nate and his dad took 2 loads of the stuff to the dump! The long lengths of wood didn't make it into those two loads, so they're still in the house, but at least the front of my living room is open!

before trash removal

one of the truck loads

after trash removal!

so much better!

When I got home from work, the guys made a wonderful meal, that Pam had supplied the ingredients and a recipe for them since she drove back to SC that afternoon. After dinner, I decided to hang some things up. 

Here's the doggie station!

Then we got to work on the shower rod!

pipe cutting

pipe cutting

silver and copper, looks good!
taking measurements for the L-shaped pieces
cutting the small piece
musical instrument or shower rod?

everything is cut to the right sizes!

measuring where to drill for the hanging support


most helpful puppy ever!

broken toilet seat. not a step stool.

Liquid Nails is my BFF
finished shower rod! So pretty!
 Tuesday, December 4th: Plumb That Dryer!

But first, pierogies!
  The gas line has an existing tap which is in the perfect position to tap the new line into. The problem? it won't come unscrewed! Rusted? Painted in there? Whatever the reason, it will not come out! Not willing to give up, the guys come up with a solution:
rope tied into the wrench for a little extra oomph

 And it worked!

Here's what it looked like after all that! Pretty rough!

 I was going to work on the walls while the guys worked on the dryer, but we somehow managed to lose one of the pairs of safety goggles, so I wrapped presents instead!

After the guys were finished with the part that required the goggles, I worked on the adhesive.

parts go quickly, others not so much...

the dryer is hooked up!
 Turn it on the test it!
lint everywhere!
 The dryer was free since a friend was replacing it with new appliances. Worth the risk, but not going to work out. There's lint stuck all up in it. And a slight burning smell... Not really sure... Even if we could fix all that, it's so dang loud! So, the plan is to buy a new one. In the meantime, we're hanging everything to dry, which works pretty well, since the basement is nice and warm.

That's all for now, check back for an exciting next entry!! :)

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