Monday, December 10, 2012

Shower. Now with more Curtain.

Finally got shower curtain rings and a clear liner! The shower is now ready to be used!

A little color to liven up the beige...

LOVE the turquoise with the copper!
The only problem? Now, the shower curtain blocks the light front the mirror fixture... Gotta figure out a ceiling fixture! Short run: something battery operated that can stick up there? Long term: Add a heat lamp since there isn't a radiator in the bathroom, and that fully tiled space can get chilly!

Still need to change out the shower head too. The height works for me, but not for Nate. Maybe one of these:

Moen Nurture

Kohler WaterTile

Sorry this blog is so short, but the weekend was busy with non house stuff, and the adhesive on the wall is just too overwhelming for me to do alone. Nate has actual end of the semester work stuff to do. I am actually starting to look at some things for the wedding though, so there's that! We may actually get married one of these days after all!

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