Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nate's Parents Visit!

Friday, Nov 30: 

Nate's parents visit and help us with the house!
We've been sleeping in the middle room on the full since we've been in the house. Mostly because we couldn't get the queens up the stairs... But those have been up and stacked in the front room for a while now, we just haven't gotten around to setting up the beds. Now that Nate's parents are coming to stay with us, we have no more excuses!

The plan was to keep the full and store the mattress under one bed, and the box spring under the other. The one problem with that? We figured out after everything was completely set up (since we forgot to put down the full before finishing setting things up) that you can't store a bed under a bed when the frame uses a middle cross brace! DUH!

Well, so, we're not 100% sure why we needed the extra bed anyway, just in case something happens... So, we're getting rid of the full, even though it fit better in that middle room than the queen does, but I love the head board that my dad gave me, so we can deal with it.

Here are the beds both set up:

front room

middle room

and now there's a mattress and box spring in my living room again...

Next, Nate's dad, Gary, helped us switch the door on the fridge (which made NO sense being hinged the other way) and on the pantry (which was less annoying, but still nice to switch)

now it opens towards the kitchen!
pantry door: more difficult to switch
mmm, pretzels
 While in the kitchen, I start thinking about what to change, how to update it, what could be done temporarily to  make a big impact, with little money, and I think about painting the cabinets in the colors of my pot holders (That I got from jenny jen at artscape this summer. I also have a purse from her that I got at artscape last summer. I'm a sucker for felt.)

It's been a long day, so everyone goes to bed. It takes a little convincing to get the pups into the front room. Their first instinct was to climb into bed with Pam and Gary! But, it didn't take them too long to get used to the pillowtop mattress with a down mattress pad on top!

passed out pups!

and kitty

Saturday, Dec. 1
Saturday morning, we take a little while to get going. We make a list of things we need, and set out to Second Chance and Lowe's. We don't really find any of the things we need at Second Chance, but we do find this sweet ceiling fan! Which, technically we do need that, just not at this moment. But we get it cuz it's only $25! I plan to change out the blades for ones that are longer and darker.  
Next, we head over to Lowe's for a single Utility sink to replace our double (to make room for the dryer next to the washer) and some copper pipe to make a shower curtain rod for the upstairs bathroom. This trip takes about a million times longer than I ever thought it could have... but a few hours later, we finally leave with the new utility sink, copper pipe, some fittings, and various other things.
When we get back, Nate has to do some stuff for work, and I have to finish the All Star awards for the party that night. Pam and Gary work on the house a little (such as  making a pathway in our basement so we can actually walk through to find the things we've temporarily stored there, which was wonderful!)
When we get home from the All Star party (didn't stay long since we're watching a friend's dog this weekend as well, and he has to be let out), we stopped by our neighbor's house warming. They moved in back in May to the house next door. It had already been remodeled when they purchase, so I'm very interested to see the inside!
Mayor's Christmas Parade!

The next day is the Mayor's Christmas Parade up in Hampden. It's always a lot of fun, and we've been looking forward to it for a while. It'll be Stella's first parade! But this year, it just seems to add a bit of stress to the day, since there's so much to do around the house! I have to bring the banner and the postcards, so we go. It turns out to be a ton of fun (as expected) and the pups really seemed to enjoy themselves!

photo by Jimi Curry

photo by Jimi Curry

And here's a video of the pups pulling me:

After the Parade:

Trying to get the adhesive off the plaster walls so that we can patch them and re skim them in order to paint them, is the most labor intensive thing we've done so far! This is so not worth it! There has got to be a better way! It works pretty well when the adhesive was put on thick and fluid, but most of this stuff seems to have been smeared on, and is not consitent. Those are the parts that are super frustrating! We're thinking about renting a sander and just sanding it all off... What a pain!

Have I mentioned how much I hate wall panling?!

tool set up

that took forever!

Gary took over trying to take the adhesive off with a few different methods. Pam and I did a little work in the kitchen. I put up the magnetic knife strip. And she took down the p.lam. thing above the window - totally unnecessary. The space and window seem larger now that it's gone!


now just have to get rid of those curtains!

more adhesive removal, leaves shiny bits behind...

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