Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What A Girl Wants...

Much like Christina, here, I want a lot of things, so I figure I should have a place where I list them. I'll at least organize it all into a few lists for you.

Things I want for the house:
  • exposed brick
  • exposed spiral duct
  • hardwood floors
  • concrete countertops and/or stained concrete floor
  • exposed beams
  • a dishwasher
  • a large closet
  • an adrian pearsall couch
  • ceiling fixtures/fans, including a sweet hanging fixture over the dining table
  • a place for the cat box where the dogs won't get to it, and I won't forget about it! (and where I won't have to climb over a baby gate multiple times a day!)

Things I want for the wedding:
  • a big band
  • a large dance floor
  • a venue with a view of Baltimore, preferably on the water
  • my dogs in the wedding somehow (judge all you want, I don't care, I freaking love those pups!)
  • fantastic shoes that I can also dance in
  • amazing photos in a ton of different spots
  • a date that doesn't conflict with derby sometime in the fall (HA!)
  • all my friends and family in one place!
  • oh, and on a budget!
  • there will be plenty more to add to this list once I get more into the planning. 

Things I want for derby:
  • more agility
  • better footwork
  • more endurance
  • to become a better block
  • to become a better team player
  • more confidence in my coaching
  • another fantastic all star season with a fantastic group of ladies
  • my wife to move back to Maryland! (I miss you Crow!)
  • win all the games
  • score all the points


  1. You are joking about the coaching, right????

    1. I guess I should elaborate on that: I would like more confidence to coach other aspects of derby, not just the form and endurance stuff that I've been doing my whole life. I currently only coach the speed practices, and an occaisional All Star practice, which Holly will usually give me a practice plan to run with. I have not yet ventured to even attempt anything past that.