Sunday, November 25, 2012

There's just something women like about a Pickup Man

Borrowed a friend's truck today to finally take all the wood paneling and ACT to Second Chance, a local non-profit that accepts donated building materials. It was of course the windiest day ever, so attempting to carry 4' x 8' sheets of 3/16" thick plywood was quite difficult. Luckily we had some friends come help. One even took some of the scrap home for art supplies, which left us very little leftover! We ended up with 8 full size panels and about 3-4 large partial sheets. We then  had to organize and count the ACT. Some of it had been damaged when it was removed, and a lot were just half pieces, so those couldn't get donated. We ended up with 152 tiles to donate!

We packed it all in the truck and tied it down. When we arrived at Second Chance, the men who were there to help us unload were very excited about what we were bringing them! "Oh yea, that's good stuff! We'll definitely take that! Yea, that's real nice. I'ma go call my sister, tell her 'bout this!" I find that so amusing because I COULD NOT WAIT to get that stuff out of my house!

After that was over, we returned the truck and went to the new consignment shop that just opened up so that I could try and sell some clothes and shoes that I don't wear anymore. This is a huge step for me! She didn't take everything, some things she didn't think she could sell, others were the wrong season, but I walked out of there with $82, so I consider it a win! Oh, but I did find out that apparently the Burberry silk scarf that was given to my mom who then gave it to me to do something with since it's actually kinda ugly, well, it's a fake! Ha!

Then we went to The Abbey for burgers and beer! All in all, a pretty productive day. And most importantly, the huge pile of stuff in my living room is gone and we can now start demoing the ceiling!

I promise the next post will have lots of fun pictures!

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