Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Sky is Falling

Ok, so maybe the sky isn't falling, but the ceiling is about to be! Today we started demo on the plaster ceiling! First, though, we had to get what was remaining of the furniture out of the front room. Most of it went upstairs. The large cabinet got moved into the kitchen. It's a little awkward, but at least it gives us a better table to eat off of!

Next step: putting plastic sheeting up over all the openings in the walls, including this awesome new opening we found when pulling off the baseboard. I'm sure it will be convenient to access my furnace from the first floor, right?

Putting up the plastic actually took quite a long time! A few hours later, and we're finally ready to start taking down the 1x2's that were holding the ACT up previously. One thing I can say about the people who put this ceiling up: they went to great lengths to make sure it was level! Clearly, the plaster ceiling wasn't in the first place. Remember what my ceiling looked like just after taking off the ACT?

Yea, most of the ceiling was shimmed, while a very very small amount was flush with the plaster, and then some was even cut into the plaster, where you can see the wood lathe! What a mess! The fine coat is even falling off in a lot of places between the 1x2's. So, yea, it's all got to go!

So here's the room with the plastic up.

 Did I mention how much longer this part took than we expected?!

We were finally able to start taking down the 1x2's. 

Here's a few progress shots of Nate removing the furring.

That was a little awkward, since they were of varying lengths, and some came loose easier than others. Some of them were over 15' long! Crazy. The nails in those suckers were huge too, so this rapidly became a very dangerous place!

Here's what the room looks like without the shims and 1x2's.

Notice the missing plaster and exposed wood lathe...

moving the wood to the other side of the room so that we can 
start pulling down the ceiling from the front corner.

 During the break after the furring  came down, a coworker/neighbor lent  us an extra ladder and plank to put between the ladders. Not sure we would have survived without it! Thanks Casey!

Excuse me?! WTF is this?! BRICK!?

So, my house has cinder block walls, just not between the joists... I get it... it's hard to cut cinder block, and bricks fit between the joists easier, but COME ON! Just build the whole wall out of brick!!! So, now I'm kinda pissed actually. Man! Frickin' brick... 

This house is just messin' with me now...

progress shot

finished shot. SOOOOOO dusty!

The best decision we made was the clean up each night when we finished! And the best part of that clean up was the snow shovels Ms. Helen left us in the storage made it go pretty quickly! So, that's 8 bags there. The plaster is so freaking heavy that they're only a quarter full, if that. 

Here's some pictures from the next morning, after the dust had settled some:

And here's all the dust on the white wood panel. Gross.

Stay tuned for more to come from Day Two!

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