Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hunting and Gathering

I feel like we've been living in a disaster area for a million years! We're at a standstill with the renovations since we have to be out of the rental by Nov. 21. We got all the big things out last weekend, but there is still just SO MUCH STUFF! I know a lot of you will laugh at this next statement, but I'm going to write it anyway. How do I own so many clothes?! Also, Nate has lived in this rental for just over 5 years now, with many different roommates. Some of the things in the house, we don't even know where they came from! There's even drums in our basement! Nate doesn't really play the drums, nor did he buy these drums. They were left by a former band mate.  This is all fine, except where on earth is all this stuff going in the new house?!

We're slowly packing up stuff and taking car loads over to the new house. We're getting rid of a lot of clothes and shoes, and shredding so much paper that we've just been holding on to. This is good progress  but there's just so much of it! And there was a bout yesterday. So we're trying to do all of this around work schedules and practices schedules. I'm exhausted!

Back to the new house. Since we haven't managed to finish renovating the front room, we haven't been using it. There's plaster bits everywhere and the carpet is gross, and I don't want to set it up, just to have to move everything again when we can get back to renovating it. Also, those damn queen box springs, and the one mattress are still leaning up against walls. My dining room table is in the basement, now buried behind boxes. The kitchen is still full of boxes and nothing is put away. This is what we came up with for eating dinner:

I'm so ready for this part to be over! Of course, as soon as it is, I'll have plenty of other things to complain about! The thought of unpacking is overwhelming!

We're just trying to get over to the rental each night and gather up as much as we can fit in the car. (Which makes for not so neat packing, and a not so tidy basement at the new house!)

So, let's take a tiny break from that and talk about roller derby! We had a home team bout on saturday! It was the last bout of the year, and the final game in the regular home team season. The Night Terrors, after two full seasons of being undefeated, haven't won a game yet this season! Though, I've actually only lost once, not twice, since I was in Seattle for Peppi and Wookie's wedding for that second one! :P 

photos by One Rock Studio

Also, this happened:

(I tried to post the video to the blog, but couldn't, so if you're friends with Bianca, then you can see it, though if that's the case, I'm sure you've already seen it!)

Ok, so back to derby. We lost the first game to the Mods and the second game to the Dolls. We're now up against the Speed Regime, who also haven't won yet this season. We've been working hard, and I think the team is starting to come together some, after losing a lot of players at the end of last season. We've got some newer girls, and a short roster, but everyone has a lot of heart!

It was a really great game! Very close for most of it! And the best part? We pulled out the win in the end! What a great feeling! Here's some pictures!

Oh, and one of my favorite comments from the evening came from Doris Day of Reckoning. While introducing the Refs and NSO's, as Nate's intro as Head of Stats, she said, "And you know he's smart because he's marrying I.M. Pain!"

Here's a shot of Nate at the scoreboard table:

photo by Jimi Curry

His favorite line of the night also came from Doris, I believe. It was a comparison of him to Nate Silver, but said that he should be called Nate Gold! So, there it is, Nate's new derby name is now amended to N8 Gold. Or perhaps it should be N8 Platinum?
So, now that we won this game, we go into the playoffs ranked 3rd and bout against the Mods, ranked 2nd since they lost to the Dolls, who'll go against the Regime in January. Now, that's January 26th, people! Make sure you're there! Here's our fabulous schedule poster for your viewing pleasure (designed by Throttle-Her)

I'll end this post with this request:

Come watch us skate in 2013!!

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