Monday, November 12, 2012

Grits and Glory

Enough about the house for a few days! The Charm City Roller Girls All Stars flew down to Atlanta (my home town!) to compete at the WFTDA Championships! We left on Thursday, November 1. I've been looking forward to this since they first announced it was going to take place in Atlanta! My dad and brother still live there, as do most of my good friends.

We drew Denver in the first round of the lottery for the first game of the tournament. Since it was the 2 o'clock game, not as many of my friends could make it as I had hoped, but my dad was there, and my good friends Amy, Suzanne, Ciara, and Sara. Turns out Nate's parents surprised us, and drove over from Charleston for the weekend too! This was the first time my dad and Nate's parents met, so that was great! 
Back to the bout. As you can remember from the last post, I was in bed sick for the 4 days prior to flying to Atlanta. I was feeling a lot better, but still not quite up to my full strength. Not ideal for any derby bout, especially not Champs, and super especially not against Denver! 

Here's a few of my favorite photos from the bout:

photo by Manish Gosalia

photo by Axle Adams

photo by Sean Murphy

And here's my absolute favorite derby photo of all time:
(this is my amazing derby wife, Crowella de Vil, in her last bout with Charm City)

Speaking of derby wives, Charm and Denver are derby wives! We love them! They're also some of the fiercest ladies you'll ever meet on the derby track! A bunch of them are also on the Bont Quadstars with me. Needless to say, that was one of the hardest bouts I've ever skated in! We worked so hard, but in the end, Denver prevailed. They did go on to get 3rd place in the entire tournament. Since Champs is single elimination, that meant I was finished competing over an hour an a half after it all started. Kind of a bummer. But I did get asked for my autograph by the cutest little girl ever! (and my friend Sara caught it!)

After a team debriefing, my dad, Nate, Nate's parents, and I went and grabbed dinner and a few drinks at the Taco Mac nearby. It was really great sitting down with everyone. Actually, just sitting down was pretty fantastic at that moment!

Part of the story I have left out as of this point, is the other reason I was in Atlanta. The timing of Champs worked out perfectly. Otherwise I would have made a trip anyway. I still had stuff at my dad's house! Namely, my great grandmother's china that came over with her from Germany about 80 years ago. My dad also agreed to give me some of the other furniture. So, we rented a 16 foot truck and spent most of Saturday filling it with furniture and crap from my old room. The big things we took were the china, the beautiful Mid Century Modern hutch it had been living in since my parents bout the house, the MCM bar (and the liquor and glassware inside it!) and bar stools, a great cabinet that has a fold down desk inside it, my old vanity, and my dad's gorgeous MCM dresser. Some of this stuff needed to be repaired when we started, and some ended up needing to be repaired after we started. :(

Here's a picture of the repair work on the hutch:

thanks to Xena for the help!

So, after we unloaded all the stuff from Atlanta into the house, we then needed to start getting all the other stuff that we owned packed up and moved. This ended up being so much worse than I ever remembered! And I had just moved only 8 months before this, so it shouldn't have been that hard to remember!

- So much for this post not being about the house! -

The next weekend (we're now talking Saturday, Nov. 10), we rented another truck to get all the big stuff out of the rental. Luckily we only moved a mile away, so it didn't cost very much. That ended up being an all day affair, which just Nate and I loading in the morning and then some derby recruits showed up for the unloading bit that afternoon. 

This is when we found out that the queen mattresses and box springs wouldn't fit up the stairs! Since, we'd already decided we were going to take down the ACT ceiling, I pried off some of the trim and took down the few panels right above the stairs. At that point, we were able to strap down one of the mattresses enough to just barely squeeze it up the stairs. The other queen is a pillowtop though, so we didn't even try it! I had heard about people cutting the box springs and folding them in half, which I suggested to Nate, but the physicist in him wanted to take out the upstairs window and use some ropes and pulleys to hoist the remaining mattress and two box springs up over the front porch and into the second story window. Luckily, the window wouldn't come out that he had hoped! So, the mattress and box springs remain on the first floor, leaning up against the Robin's Egg Blue walls...

We all cracked open some beers and started talking about all the things we had planned for the house. Then I'm not sure when or how exactly, Ace decided to take down the ceiling tiles. Chit joined in too. 

At least she's wearing eye protection!

Shortly after, all the tiles were down from the ceiling!

And this is the craziness that's underneath them! Looks like an artist's interpretation of a wind diagram... on my ceiling...

Ok, so that's it for tonight! What do y'all think so far?!

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