Thursday, November 1, 2012

Before the Demolition

As I said in the previous post, one of the first things we fell in love with was this front porch! The stones are even sparkly. (And you know derby girls like sparkly things!)

This post will consist mostly of the "before" pictures. So here they are:

The first picture I took of the house on the day we first went to see it.

the living/dining room from the front door - the previous owner had it set up as one giant living room, with her dining table in the kitchen.
(Nate always walks in front of my pictures! "You need a scale figure!")

the living room looking back towards the front of the house
(Note: This is wall paneling #1: White Wood Panel)

the kitchen, looking towards the rear of the house, where you can see the GIANT wall unit. We plan to add central A/C at some point. Look at all that p.lam.
(Note: This is wall paneling #2: Beige Stacked Stone)

the kitchen looking back towards the front of the house. This door leads to the basement.

Here's the back porch, showing off the copper gutters and alley. :)

Here's the basement looking towards the front of the house. Not finished, but really good head height, and dry!

The basement again, looking towards the back.
(Note: This is wall paneling #3: Tan Wood Panel)

Rear of the basement, showing the washer, double utility sink, but no dryer, and the 3/4 bath.

This is the AMAZING toilet roll holder that is also a radio and a phone! It was working when the previous owner had the land line up, not so much now since I'm not paying for a land line.
(close up of wall paneling #3)

My beautiful fairly new furnace :)

Up the stairs now to the second floor. Here you can see the ornate acoustic ceiling tile and one of the only ceiling fixtures in the house.

The back bedroom, with the only large closet in the house. I will actually be turning this entire room into my closet. Do you see how beautiful the floors are up here!?
(Note: wall panel #4: Dark Wood Panel)

View of the back room towards the hall. Notice there is no door on this room. We didn't actually take note of that until someone pointed it out as we were moving in! Ha!

Next, the bathroom. It is a little on the small side, but definitely manageable. Actually, it's not that small, it's just shaped a little funny because of the furnace and window (which you can kinda see in the mirror). It is completely tiled. We have to get an L-shaped shower rod and we need to raise the shower head. (So far, we've been showering in the basement!)

On to the middle room, with a window because of the alley. 
(Note: wall paneling #5: Floral Textured Paper)

The door to the closet of this room. (which doesn't fit full size hangers past the door!)

Finally, the front room. 3 large windows! And plenty of paneling, same as #3.

Another small closet. This one is Nate's. :P

This basically covers what the house looked like before we moved in (and mostly before the previous owner had moved out!) I'll include some more "before" pictures in the next post.

So, where would you guys start? Room by room, or all at once?

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