Thursday, November 29, 2012

All the King's Horses...

All the King's horses and all the Kings men, couldn't put this ceiling back together again!

Last day of ceiling demo! Woooo!

And it seemed to take the longest.

First, we had to tape the plastic sheets back up since the dogs bolted through the doorway when I arrived home, taking the plastic with them!

The amount of ceiling left made it difficult for us both to work, as we'd be demoing on top of each other heads, so Nate did most of it. 

Here's what the living room looks like with no ceiling! 

no ceiling!

so much trash!

electrical everywhere.

We ran out of the large construction garbage bags, but this actually worked out really well!

Next steps for this room:
(not necessarily in this order)
  • take down the rest of the nails in the joists and the remaining furring strips
  • clean the joists and t+g boards
  • stain the joists darker
  • seal the t+g boards
  • clean the top of the plaster
  • clean up, patch and repair the mortar between the bricks
  • insulate exterior walls as needed
  • patch and repair plaster walls
  • finish getting the last of the base and wall paneling off (just north wall left)
  • remove paneling from window head and jamb
  • remove carpet
  • clean, refinish original hardwood floor
There's about a million other things still, but that'll due for now...

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