Tuesday, November 6, 2012

After the closing, demo begins.

So, we had our closing on the afternoon of October 25th. It was nice to finally meet the woman we were purchasing the home from, Ms. Helen. As much as I've complained about the wall paneling in this house (because there's just SO much of it!), she really has taken great care of the home. She grew up on this street, one block up, and bout this house over 60 years ago! It's crazy to think about that. (Though, now that we've moved all our stuff in, I'm thinking we're spending the rest of our lives in this house too!)

After the closing, we had a few people over for beer and snacks, and to see the place before we moved anything in, before we took anything down. Here are the pictures from that evening. It's a little dark, because there aren't any ceiling fixtures! Luckily she left us a nice collection of lamps!

The living room.

Oh, so not long into that evening, we did take the first panel down, just to see what was under it. Oh yea, that's Robin's Egg Blue on the wall! (Accented with the old yellow adhesive that was holding the panel up.)

More of the living room.

The kitchen, with Morticia trying to get into the trash bag!

There is a lot of cabinet space in here! Which is a good thing, since I plan to install a dishwasher soon.

This little opening is going to get enlarged. The kitchen has a lot of light in it, and it'd be nice for some to get into the living room, especially since that's where the dining table will go. May be a little tricky since the light switch is on that wall, and we may lose one of those full height cabinets. Not sure exactly what we'll demo just yet, but don't worry, I have lots of ideas!

This is a 2 foot wide door! So small!

Upstairs to the front room now. This is the "Lamp Stays". It has a sticky note on it that says just that, "Lamp Stays". We started using it as a location. "Where should I put this box?" "Oh, over by the Lamp Stays." Ha, I get a pretty big kick out of that. The post it is still on it. Along with the post-it labeling that closet door as "Wardrobe". Odd.

The odd part about this room is that while it is the largest of the bedrooms, it is awkwardly shaped. There are doors on both sides of the back wall, three windows on the front wall, the radiator in the front corner, and it's only 10 feet deep. So we're struggling with how exactly to lay it out best.

Here's the hallway, looking back towards the front room. White Wood Panel #1 on the left and Tan Wood Panel #3 on the right. Oh, and trim! Don't even get me started about trim! This house LOVES trim! You thought there was a lot of wood paneling? Well, there's matching trim for everything, and then some! I'll see if I can find a picture (or take one and upload it later) of the trim that's on top of the baseboard by the stairs. My trim has trim. Now that's excessive!

Middle room, showing the even the closet gets the Textured Floral Paper paneling, and trim. Oh, and she left the bed frame, which is actually quite cute. (and it's the frame we're currently using since it was already set up and the only mattress and box spring we could get upstairs was the full - more on that later!)

Back room. I've started bringing over shoes. I have so many ideas for how to lay this room out! I just hope it will fit all  my clothes and shoes. Though, I've already claimed the middle room closet as well.

Another shot of the hall, this one from the top of the stairs. We need to fix the head height here. It's fine for me, but I'm only 5'-6". Nate has to duck a little to walk up the stairs. That part is just the linen closet though, which is quite large, so I think we can work something out.

These next pictures are from Oct. 26. This is how we spent our first Friday night as home owners.

Stella helped. What a good pup!

One of the panels came down along with a good chunk of the plaster behind it. This is the wall that I'm hoping to expose the brick below, so we decided to investigate.

Hmm, what is this cementicious gray stuff under the plaster wall?! It certainly doesn't look like brick... It's freaking cinder block!! WHAT?! How did I find the only house in Baltimore that doesn't have brick demising walls?! Even the not-so-nice rental had exposed brick walls! This was single-handedly the most depressing thing in the world to me. I believe this was the point where I sat on the ground and sulked!

Nate continued removing paneling. The other wall is also Robin's Egg Blue.
Oh, and so is the ceiling! Excellent!

Back down on that wall, there's also this lovely crack in the plaster.

We were curious if perhaps this wall may be brick, and since there's already a crack in the plaster, we tried to find out.

Nope, more cinder block! Sad times!

The wall below the stairs is also Robin's Egg Blue (they sure did love this color!), but with the addition of some gyp. It looks like they under estimated, so they just started spacing them out some. Wow. Oh, and if you look closely, you can see that behind the wall paneling, is a couple layers of wall paneling. Awesome!

Next, we decided to tackle the transom above the front door. It shows on the exterior, but they covered it up inside. I want it back!

There, that's much better!

Here are a few last shots of our work that first evening.

Stella is very proud of us!

The plan was to have this room ready to move in by Nov. 5th. Certainly seemed doable when all we had to do was remove the paneling, remove the ceiling, expose the brick on the north wall, take up the carpet, and refinish the hard wood floors. The problem with this plan from the start was that we were leaving for WFTDA Champs in Atlanta on October 31st and wouldn't be back until the 5th. Not having a brick wall to expose made it even more complicated. All that adhesive beneath the paneling certainly didn't help. On top of all that, the panels weren't tall enough since the ceilings are above 9 ft, so there's still that little bit beneath the baseboards. The outlets are installed in the baseboards, so we haven't messed with them yet. We have to be out of the rental by the 21st. Time is not on our side right now. Especially since I woke up the next morning super sick!

Nate spent that Saturday at the house by himself, taking off more paneling.

This is how I spent that Saturday:

The next few days, we had hurricane/frakenstorm Sandy, so we stayed at the rental and didn't work on the house. I pretty much looked like the above picture for that entire time. 

Then came Champs in Atlanta.

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