Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Change in Momentum

Day Two of Ceiling Demo:

We decided to move the ladder set-up parallel to the front wall, instead of perpendicular, as before. It went MUCH faster! We also put a fan in the alley window, blowing out, and opened the front door for a cross breeze. It was significantly less dusty!

Here's some of the demo pics: 

We ended up with the same number of bags of trash this time, except we didn't put the wood lathe in bags, since it was hard to not rip the bags with the jagged edges and nails.

Day Three of Ceiling Demo:

We finished the row we had started the night before, leaving just a two foot strip next to the stairs, and the part in front of the door. This night went the fastest by far! We filled SO many bags of plaster!

Here's what it looked like before clean up:

Here's what we still have left to demo:

This is what my neighbors see....

Here's our pile of trash from the last two nights:

Almost finished! Stay tuned for Day Four!

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