Thursday, November 29, 2012

All the King's Horses...

All the King's horses and all the Kings men, couldn't put this ceiling back together again!

Last day of ceiling demo! Woooo!

And it seemed to take the longest.

First, we had to tape the plastic sheets back up since the dogs bolted through the doorway when I arrived home, taking the plastic with them!

The amount of ceiling left made it difficult for us both to work, as we'd be demoing on top of each other heads, so Nate did most of it. 

Here's what the living room looks like with no ceiling! 

no ceiling!

so much trash!

electrical everywhere.

We ran out of the large construction garbage bags, but this actually worked out really well!

Next steps for this room:
(not necessarily in this order)
  • take down the rest of the nails in the joists and the remaining furring strips
  • clean the joists and t+g boards
  • stain the joists darker
  • seal the t+g boards
  • clean the top of the plaster
  • clean up, patch and repair the mortar between the bricks
  • insulate exterior walls as needed
  • patch and repair plaster walls
  • finish getting the last of the base and wall paneling off (just north wall left)
  • remove paneling from window head and jamb
  • remove carpet
  • clean, refinish original hardwood floor
There's about a million other things still, but that'll due for now...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I found my mousse today!

I've had horrible hair since we moved in, but this morning, I found my mousse! Yay!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Change in Momentum

Day Two of Ceiling Demo:

We decided to move the ladder set-up parallel to the front wall, instead of perpendicular, as before. It went MUCH faster! We also put a fan in the alley window, blowing out, and opened the front door for a cross breeze. It was significantly less dusty!

Here's some of the demo pics: 

We ended up with the same number of bags of trash this time, except we didn't put the wood lathe in bags, since it was hard to not rip the bags with the jagged edges and nails.

Day Three of Ceiling Demo:

We finished the row we had started the night before, leaving just a two foot strip next to the stairs, and the part in front of the door. This night went the fastest by far! We filled SO many bags of plaster!

Here's what it looked like before clean up:

Here's what we still have left to demo:

This is what my neighbors see....

Here's our pile of trash from the last two nights:

Almost finished! Stay tuned for Day Four!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Sky is Falling

Ok, so maybe the sky isn't falling, but the ceiling is about to be! Today we started demo on the plaster ceiling! First, though, we had to get what was remaining of the furniture out of the front room. Most of it went upstairs. The large cabinet got moved into the kitchen. It's a little awkward, but at least it gives us a better table to eat off of!

Next step: putting plastic sheeting up over all the openings in the walls, including this awesome new opening we found when pulling off the baseboard. I'm sure it will be convenient to access my furnace from the first floor, right?

Putting up the plastic actually took quite a long time! A few hours later, and we're finally ready to start taking down the 1x2's that were holding the ACT up previously. One thing I can say about the people who put this ceiling up: they went to great lengths to make sure it was level! Clearly, the plaster ceiling wasn't in the first place. Remember what my ceiling looked like just after taking off the ACT?

Yea, most of the ceiling was shimmed, while a very very small amount was flush with the plaster, and then some was even cut into the plaster, where you can see the wood lathe! What a mess! The fine coat is even falling off in a lot of places between the 1x2's. So, yea, it's all got to go!

So here's the room with the plastic up.

 Did I mention how much longer this part took than we expected?!

We were finally able to start taking down the 1x2's. 

Here's a few progress shots of Nate removing the furring.

That was a little awkward, since they were of varying lengths, and some came loose easier than others. Some of them were over 15' long! Crazy. The nails in those suckers were huge too, so this rapidly became a very dangerous place!

Here's what the room looks like without the shims and 1x2's.

Notice the missing plaster and exposed wood lathe...

moving the wood to the other side of the room so that we can 
start pulling down the ceiling from the front corner.

 During the break after the furring  came down, a coworker/neighbor lent  us an extra ladder and plank to put between the ladders. Not sure we would have survived without it! Thanks Casey!

Excuse me?! WTF is this?! BRICK!?

So, my house has cinder block walls, just not between the joists... I get it... it's hard to cut cinder block, and bricks fit between the joists easier, but COME ON! Just build the whole wall out of brick!!! So, now I'm kinda pissed actually. Man! Frickin' brick... 

This house is just messin' with me now...

progress shot

finished shot. SOOOOOO dusty!

The best decision we made was the clean up each night when we finished! And the best part of that clean up was the snow shovels Ms. Helen left us in the storage made it go pretty quickly! So, that's 8 bags there. The plaster is so freaking heavy that they're only a quarter full, if that. 

Here's some pictures from the next morning, after the dust had settled some:

And here's all the dust on the white wood panel. Gross.

Stay tuned for more to come from Day Two!

There's just something women like about a Pickup Man

Borrowed a friend's truck today to finally take all the wood paneling and ACT to Second Chance, a local non-profit that accepts donated building materials. It was of course the windiest day ever, so attempting to carry 4' x 8' sheets of 3/16" thick plywood was quite difficult. Luckily we had some friends come help. One even took some of the scrap home for art supplies, which left us very little leftover! We ended up with 8 full size panels and about 3-4 large partial sheets. We then  had to organize and count the ACT. Some of it had been damaged when it was removed, and a lot were just half pieces, so those couldn't get donated. We ended up with 152 tiles to donate!

We packed it all in the truck and tied it down. When we arrived at Second Chance, the men who were there to help us unload were very excited about what we were bringing them! "Oh yea, that's good stuff! We'll definitely take that! Yea, that's real nice. I'ma go call my sister, tell her 'bout this!" I find that so amusing because I COULD NOT WAIT to get that stuff out of my house!

After that was over, we returned the truck and went to the new consignment shop that just opened up so that I could try and sell some clothes and shoes that I don't wear anymore. This is a huge step for me! She didn't take everything, some things she didn't think she could sell, others were the wrong season, but I walked out of there with $82, so I consider it a win! Oh, but I did find out that apparently the Burberry silk scarf that was given to my mom who then gave it to me to do something with since it's actually kinda ugly, well, it's a fake! Ha!

Then we went to The Abbey for burgers and beer! All in all, a pretty productive day. And most importantly, the huge pile of stuff in my living room is gone and we can now start demoing the ceiling!

I promise the next post will have lots of fun pictures!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Blame it on the T-T-T-T-T-Tryptophan

Blame it on the turkey;
You're not feeling perky.
Blame it on the gravy;
Got ya feeling crazy.

Blame it on the t-t-t-t-t-tryptophan.
Blame it on the t-t-t-t-t-tryptophan.

So,  it's the week of Thanksgiving. We have to be out of the rental by Wednesday. We're getting pretty close, but at this point, it's really stuff we need to go through and decide if we want to keep it or not, so it takes a little longer than simply boxing it all up. We spent every night at the rental, going through things. Tuesday night, our friend Kelly came over to help us clean. She is a saint! By the end of that night, we had everything confined to the front room. The entire upstairs had been cleaned and mopped, and so had the kitchen! My scooter was still parked out back (and wouldn't start). The drums were still in the basement. And we had piles of things that either needed to be trashed, donated, or shredded. 

Wednesday, Nate went over early while I was at work, thankfully! I don't think we would have finished otherwise, or at least not at a reasonable hour. But we did! Everything was out of the house, the rooms were swept and mopped, the bathroom was cleaned, and the scooter was charged and started! Everything we owned was now out of that house and on its way to the new house. Our basement is wall to wall full of stuff! (Partially because we have too much stuff, and partially because we can't put anything into the main room of the first floor since it's not finished). That's the next step! Get the things that are currently in the living room out, and finish demo so that the things that do want to live in that room, can.

But before all that can happen, it's Thanksgiving and just about my entire family is coming to my Grandma's house near DC for the day, including my brother, but not my dad. There were 18 of us, 1 brand new baby, and 6 dogs! It was quite an event! It's the first time I've seen any of them (other than my brother, who I saw while we were in Atlanta for Champs) since Nate and I were engaged. It's also the first time I'll be meeting my cousin's brand new baby boy! Just shy of 3 months old. Twas a fun afternoon and evening, but Nate and I both snacked too much prior to dinner, and were so uncomfortably full! I didn't even eat the pumpkin pie! Now, that's truly saying something! I'll try and find some pics to post up here, but I didn't take any, so I'll have to wait for my Aunt to post her's!

updated to include pictures!

preparing to fry the turkey

beers and snacks pre dinner (big mistake on the snacks!!)

Tish and Stella got thirsty apparently!

Grandma does not look amused!

But she's so darn cute!!

frying the turkey

the family at the dinner table!

Now it's friday, and I have to go to work (boo!) but it's a short day. I get home around 3:30 and Nate and I decide that we need to do something productive around the house. We decide to tackle the mattress and boxsprings! I've borrowed a Sawzall so we get to work on cutting the boxsprings. We're both a little skeptical, but it works out really well! Once Nate got the hang of the Sawzall, it went quickly. They folded in half easily. We carried them up the stairs and into the front room to lean against the mattress already up there. Now the harder part is the queen pillowtop mattress. It's just Nate and I, so this may or may not work out! We cinch the mattress down as much as we can and start to push it up the stairs. It of course gets stuck  on the ceiling, and the bits of wood paneling still on the stairs. We stand there for a bit, wondering if this is going to happen or not. With a few more giant pushes, we get that heavy thing up! We're now out of breath and exhausted! So, we lean it up against the box springs and the other mattress and decide it's time for a drink!

Luckily, a lot of the derby league has decided to meet at Bad Decisions that evening! But since it's only 6 pm at this point, we decide to remove the wood panels in the stair, and one of the baseboards.

Then we go out to Bad Decisions and meet up with some of our favorite derby peeps. Since we get there still kinda early (probably 7ish) we are also home early (because we're old and tired!)

The next day, we decide to put my desk together! It hasn't been assembled since I was living in my apartment, so I'm pretty excited to have it back! My dad designed and built it for me when I left for Grad School at VT in 2008. I stained it to match my other furniture. It goes pretty well with the stuff that Nate and I have together, so that's nice. Plus, he needs somewhere to work, since we don't really have any flat surfaces in the house right now!

Not sure exactly when we did this... But this house is now clearly ours.

We claimed it.

With a flag.