Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Not-So-Brief Introduction

Hi! I'm Kacey and he's Nate! I'm an architect and he's a physicist. This is our blog about renovating our house, playing roller derby, and planning our wedding! We just purchased our first home! As great as it is, the house needs a little updating. (There's wood paneling EVERYWHERE!) That's quite the undertaking alone, but I also play roller derby with Baltimore's Charm City Roller Girls. I'm one of the captains of the All Star team (I skate under the name I.M. Pain), which means a lot of traveling for bouts. Nate is the Stats guy (he goes by N8). Also, we recently got engaged, so at some point during all of this we have to plan a wedding! I'm exhausted just thinking about it all! So of course, I added one more thing to the list: blog about it!

Here's a little bit about us: Nate and I met through roller derby during the summer of 2010. We didn't start dating though until that fall. We both immediately knew that this was something special. I was still living outside DC at the time, since I had just graduated grad school at Virginia Tech and had gotten a job in Rockville. I commuted to Baltimore 3-4 times a week for practice already, and that very soon increased as Nate and I began spending more time with each other. It was very apparent that I should try and get a job in Baltimore so that I could move there, you know, for derby! :P

8 months after I moved to DC, I got a job at a swanky firm in Baltimore and found a not so swanky apartment in Federal Hill. (The ceilings were high and the windows were huge and the rent was cheap enough that I could use the second bedroom as a walk in closet!). A few months after moving up to Baltimore, Nate and I had the opportunity to adopt a puppy. Now, this wasn't exactly planned, but the timing was perfect, and we were totally in love (with each other and the puppy!). Enter Morticia.

She's a rescue that a friend of ours was fostering. We were smitten. She is part Akita, and most likely some sort of smaller Shepherd. I'm sure I'll talk about her plenty, since I can't really help myself. Here's her facebook page: Morticia (don't judge me!)

So, now that we have a pup together, we're spending an awful lot of time in my small apartment (which did have a side yard, so Tish got plenty of running around). This leads us to start thinking about buying a house. Enter Your Roller Derby Realtor aka Christina Bolton aka PENALTYna, our friend through, you guessed it, Roller Derby! At first, we just wanted to get a feel for what houses were selling for out there. We didn't even know if we could afford anything. Crissy took us out to see some houses, and pretty soon, we were getting really serious about it. First house we decided on fell through because of some timing issues. After that happened, my lease was up (March 2012 - for a little timeline update), so I moved into the rowhome Nate had been renting in Locust Point. Moving a ton of stuff (remember, my second bedroom was turned into a closet for a reason!) made us less eager to buy something right away, so we took a little break. A few months later, some nice houses were starting to show up on the market, so we got back into the swing of things! The first house we decided on this go 'round went under contract just as we were putting together an offer! We had a few backups in mind and moved forward with one of them. Under Contract! The house was a cute little end unit, with a front porch and a parking pad, and even a tiny little yard. The most I was going to do to that house was install a dishwasher, and maybe paint. Well, it was too good to be true. It assessed low. $97,000 low. How does that even happen?! We were all confused and upset, but we moved on. And it's a good thing, since we found this house, the one we now own. It's a bit more work (to say the least) but we'll be so much happier here! We closed on October 25, 2012. The first piece of wood paneling came down that very night!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that sometime during all that, we got another puppy! Here's Stella, another Akita/Shepherd mix, this time rescued from a high kill shelter in South Carolina. Her puppy picture looked just like Tish, so I couldn't resist!
Here's Stella at her first vet visit:

Here's a more recent picture of the two of them together: (taken in the house we were renting, not our current home). Morticia lightened up quite a bit. Stella seems to be staying dark. So much for my matching pups! Haha! They're so darn cute together, I can't even stand it!

Oh, and how about a more recent picture of Nate and I?
Here's our home, day of closing! Pretty fantastic front porch, hu? We think so! All of the houses on that side of the street have these great front porches! It looks like this from our porch looking towards the end of the street:
So, I think I should end this post now. It's already gotten a little long. I'll get into some more of the derby and wedding stuff another time. Thanks for stopping in! Please feel free to comment. I'd love to hear your stories about your first house! (or your renovation)