Monday, December 31, 2012

Engagement Pictures!

We spent the day before new year's eve (aka Windiest Day Ever!) having engagement pictures taken by our good friend Margaret Hart (aka Xena Paradox). It was a sunny day, so even though it was cold, it didn't feel that bad, which is nice, since I planned to wear a dress and heels. Turns out though, it was also incredibly windy! So, not only did it seem much colder than it actually was, but my hair was an unstoppable mess the entire time! Special thanks again to Lily (Ace Hellcat) for tagging along and watching the dogs slash holding coats, bags and whatever else in between shots!

Here's a few of our favorites! (It's really so hard to choose this few!)

To see the rest, check them out on facebook!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas in Charleston

I love visiting Charleston. Nate's parents live down there, and it's always so nice to visit. This time was no exception, but it was a little bittersweet. We had not planned to travel at all over the holidays since I didn't have very many vacation days left, and we'd been traveling a lot recently. But when we got the call that Nate's grandmother, Gram, wasn't doing very well, we packed up the pups and drove down to see her. This was Stella's first big car ride since we'd had her. Her and Morticia did very well on the long trip, which was made even longer because of the heavy traffic we hit around DC. Nate's parents and one of his brothers were there to greet us when we arrived. It was nice to finally meet Nate's brother. And he was glad to finally meet the pups! As just about everyone does, he tried to steal Morticia!

The next day, we went to visit Gram. We were worried that the pups would misbehave, so we left them on leash for a bit. At Gram's insistence, we took them off lease, and they were the most well behaved pups the whole visit! Here's some pictures of Gram and the pups!

Gram and Stella

Gram and Stella

Gram and Tish (Morticia helping Gram clean under her chair!)

Gram and Stella

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sanding Party!

Before the Holidays hit, we had one more night of renovation, with help from Lily and Margaret (aka Ace Hellcat and Xena Paradox!) They brought their palm sanders and we got to work on that pesky adhesive! It sure did make a mess!

But the wall by the stair, and part of the other side wall are nice and smooth!

We also worked on our holiday cards that night. Xena and Ace helped us set up our family portrait for the year! What do you think?

Here's some of the shots we didn't use:

The next day, we went to the Gathering, which is a food truck rally being held near our house. They had a photographer there taking pictures of your pets with Santa, so we got one of those too! First year doing Christmas cards, and we ended up with two of them!

We also wanted to send out a letter along with the card, since so much has happened this year, but I really couldn't get into writing it. So, this is what we came up with! I hope you enjoy!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Shower. Now with more Curtain.

Finally got shower curtain rings and a clear liner! The shower is now ready to be used!

A little color to liven up the beige...

LOVE the turquoise with the copper!
The only problem? Now, the shower curtain blocks the light front the mirror fixture... Gotta figure out a ceiling fixture! Short run: something battery operated that can stick up there? Long term: Add a heat lamp since there isn't a radiator in the bathroom, and that fully tiled space can get chilly!

Still need to change out the shower head too. The height works for me, but not for Nate. Maybe one of these:

Moen Nurture

Kohler WaterTile

Sorry this blog is so short, but the weekend was busy with non house stuff, and the adhesive on the wall is just too overwhelming for me to do alone. Nate has actual end of the semester work stuff to do. I am actually starting to look at some things for the wedding though, so there's that! We may actually get married one of these days after all!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Forgot about the Dryer Vent!

Thursday, December 6th: Venting the Dryer

cut out the glass block

they tried to salvage it, didn't work out

cut a piece from scrap wood to fit into the opening

Nate forgot the pups were outside until Morticia paid him a little visit!

vent almost complete

new vent, new pipes, just need a new dryer!

Mid Century Modern

Wednesday, December 5th: Furniture Arrives!

So, we were hoping that this room would be finished before the furniture to go in it arrived, but clearly that is far from happening. So, I'm choosing to just be happy that I am now the owner of a gorgeous Adrian Pearsall gondola sofa and an Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman! Thank you to my mom for getting us the couch as a housewarming/ engagement/ Christmas present!

I was still at work when they arrived. Apparently, the sofa nearly didn't fit in the door! That would have been a shame! Very nearly bought the most expensive patio furniture ever!

Here's some pictures Nate took of the process:

large box (sofa) with scale figure

not quite as large box (lounge) with scale figure

clever contraption to keep the screen door open

since they took off the door closer 

my beautiful orange sofa! (yea, those are built in end tables!)

it's my eames in a box

OMG! I own this! Squee!!!
Sadly, these lovelies have to remain covered in plastic and furniture pads while we finish the room. Can't wait to actually use them! First though, we have to devise a plan to keep the fur kids off of them! I'm thinking invisible fence! Too bad they pups would have to wear these bulky ugly things all the time! (But still probably worth it! Love my pups, but love this furniture too!)
nice touch adding the quarter for scale, still ugly!

Later that day, once I got home, we did some more work on the walls.
But first, we had to move the AP out of the way a little... It is a 9' long sofa!

took the sheet rock off from below the stairs

since the stairs were newer than the plaster wall, they had
to do something to hide the giant gap!
It all makes sense why the stairs make so much noise as you walk up and down them... They're attached at only 4 points! JEEZ! 

Oh, but it gets better!

view underneath the stairs, above the basement stair ceiling...

What is that on the cinder block wall? That white stuff on the other side of the plaster, above the basement stair ceiling? Oh, that's just a little bit of wood paneling!! WTF!? How am I supposed to remove that?! Nicely played, house, nicely played. 

On the bright side, one of the things we noticed by looking through this little gap between the plaster wall and the new stairs, is that the brick seems to come down further than the joists! So, that's good news!

alley with the rest of the wood and pallet

more wood and pallets, about to go to the alley

Thursday, December 6th: Wall of Plastic and More Brick!

to protect the newly acquired furniture

more brick!
Based on the sheet rock over the block in this one spot, we think there used to be a wall here. Thankfully it's already been removed! But that now explains the odd bump out in the plaster.

approximate area of brick!
Friday, December 7th: Office Holiday Party!

Nate's dad left that afternoon. Sarah (aka Crowella de Vil aka my derby wife) arrived that evening. Sadly, we didn't get to hang out with her that night since it was my company's Holiday party, but we did at least get  to catch up on the ride over, since she so wonderfully drove us around the harbor since we took too long to get ready and missed the water taxi!

Here's a shot of Nate and I at the house before we leave for the party.

fancy dancey